Shakespeare's family timeline - WORK IN PROGRESS

Mid-13thC first known record of name “William Sakspear” of Clopton, near Stratford. 

1552 John Shakespeare (son of Richard S) first mentioned in Stratford records - for making a dunghill in Henley Street

1562 JS elected chamberlain of borough of Stratford

1564 William born to JS and Mary (nee Arden), assumed date 23rd April. Baptised 26th April. Third of eight
children (but only child at time of his birth). Birth recorded in Latin. 11th Jul plague recorded in Stratford
1565 JS elected alderman
1568 JS elected town high bailiff
1569 Sister Joan born.
1570 JS elected chief alderman, accused of usury (lending at 20-25% interest rates). Application
for coat of arms failed.
1571 Shakespeare probably began his formal education; traditionally age 7 in Stratford. Sister
Anne born (dies aged 8).
1574 Brother Richard born.
1575 John getting into financial trouble
1579 John S forced to mortgage wife Mary’s estate.
1580 WS fined for missing court date. Brother Edmund born.
1582 Aged 18 WS marries Anne Hathaway (26) from Shottery on 27/8th Nov at Temple Grafton (7
miles from Stratford)
1583 Susanna born to them 26th May (six months later). She lives to be 66
1585 Judith and Hamnet born 2nd Feb. Named after probable godparents, Sadlers. Judith lives to 77;
Hamnet to 11.
1586 JS removed as Alderman
1589 WS named in a court action (with parents) re land in Wilmcote
1589-90 1HVI?
1590-1 2&3HVI? Shrew? 2 Gents?
1592 Robert Greene’s Groatworth of Wit, WS "upstart crow”. 1st perf of 1HIV by Strange’s Men at
Rose (3rd March)
London theatres shut for plague

1592-3 Venus & Adonis (April - dedicated to Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton; published by
Richard Field [from Stratford]) and, RIII and Two Gents?
1592-4 CofE
1593 Venus and Adonis published. First Sonnets (finished probably 1597?). Marlowe dies.
1594 S becomes sharer in LC’s Men with Will Kemp. Rape of L (9th May) Thomas Kyd dies. At
Theatre? 3 quarto editions of TA. CofE performed at Gray’s Inn (28th Dec)
1594-5 LLL
1594-6 KJ?
1595 RII, MND, R&J
1596 MWW?. Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon patron dies, succeeded by brother George Carey 2nd Lord
Hunsdon. 1 th Aug Hamnet S dies. Co move to Swan. John S gets coat of arms. WS living in Bishopsgate
1596-7 MoV and 1HIV
1597 S buys New Place, (May) for £60 – Stratford’s no 2 house. First recorded perf of LLL (privately for Queen – Dec). Q1s of RIII,
RII and R&J
1598 2HIV. Ben Jonson emerges. S acts in Everyman in his Humour. Meres praises R&J, MND, MoV,
LLL, Rii and Titus A. 12 quartos with S’s name. Dec Theatre dismantled. Q1 of LLL. Q2 of 1HIV
1598-9 Much Ado, AYLI, JC and MWW?
1599 LC’s Men lease land from Nicholas Brend. Globe built. Likely opens with HV. JC performed at
Globe (21Sept – Thomas Platter of Switzerland). John Weever praise R&J, Rape of L and Venus & Adonis
1600 1st recorded perf of 1HIV (privately before Flemish Ambassador). AYLI registered with Stationers
Co (4th Aug)
1600-1 Hamlet. WS mentioned by name in Stationer’s Register as author of Much Ado (23rd Aug)
1601 Phoenix and Turtle. Co commissioned – by Essex supporters - to play RII (1st recorded perf 7th Feb)
John S dies (buried 8th Sept) and Earl of Southampton reprieved from death following part on Essex’s
rebellion. Registration of MND
1601-2 12N, AW and T&C
1602 WS buys 107 acres in Stratford for £320 (1st May)
1603 James I grants LC’s Men a patent; they become King’s Men (and “grooms of the Chamber”).  Registration of T&C. Q1 of Hamlet  AYLI at Wilton before James I (1st recorded perf – 2nd Dec) S in Sejanus (last recorded acting role).  May plague.
1604 March supplied with 4.5yds of red cloth for liveries for coronation of James I. WS lodges with
Christopher Mountjoy in Silver Street, Cripplegate.  April plague ends. M4M, performed at Whitehall
before James I (26 Dec, possibly not 1st perf)) . Othello, (performed 1st Nov at Whitehall) (King’s Men
perform eleven times before James I in year 1st Nov 04 to 31st Oct 05)
1605 MoV performed twice before James I. Lear. Macbeth.
1606 A&C. Fines for profanities introduced. 1st recorded perf of Lear (26th Dec in private before James at Whitehall)
1607 Hamlet (1st recorded perf) and RIII performed on Dragon off Sierra Leone (30th Sept). Susanna
marries Dr John Hall (5th June). Brother Edmund dies (aged 27), recorded as "base-borne".
1607-8 Timon, Pericles and Coriolanus.
1608 King’s Men take 21-yr lease of Blackfriars. Tempest? Plague closes theatres from Spring to early 1610
Mother Mary dies (buried 9th Sept). Registration of Pericles. WS returns to Stratford according to Malone (18thC).

Elizabeth (daughter of Susanna and John Hall, only grandchild born in WS’s lifetime) baptised 21st Feb
1609 Sonnets published by Thomas Thorpe. 2Qs of Pericles. Blackfriars winter home to King’s Men.
1609-10 Cymbeline
1610 Othello at Oxford with King’s Men on summer tour. Generally thought WS in Stratford by now.
1611 1st recorded perf of Cymbeline (Apr)
1610-11 WT
1611  Simon Forman gives accounts of performances of WT, Macbeth and Cymbeline. 1st
recorded perf of Tempest (before James I – 1st Nov))
1612 Brother Gilbert dies (aged 47). 1st recorded perf of 2HIV (at wedding of Princess Elizabeth to
Elector Palatine)
1612-13 Othello, JC and others performed. Cardenio. HVIII with John Fletcher
1613 Globe destroyed by fire during perf of HVIII (29th June). TwoNK – with JF.
1614 New Globe
1616 Judith marries John Quinney. 1st draft of WS's will (18 Jan); 2nd draft (25 Mar) - changed to include 2nd -
best-bed provision). WS dies on 23rd April, buried 2 days later (burial recorded in English). Leaves most to Susanna.
1623 John Hemminges and Henry Condell publish First Folio (36/37 plays – not Pericles). Widow Anne dies.
1644 Globe demolished

1646 Sister Joan dies (77)
1662 DaughterJudith dies (77)

1670 Granddaughter Elizabeth dies (twice married, but childless - aged 62)